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sculpture walk.

[ showcase your art at 1 of 11 locations throughout Albert Lea ]

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This is your chance to showcase your artistic talent to the community and get involved in the birth of a monumental local art display! Submit your proposal to Maggie Moller at Art Walk Albert Lea by April 21. 

The maximum height of the artwork must be no more than 84 inches, with a maximum base width of 18 inches and a maximum width of 54 inches. The material used must be safe in all four seasons, with stone, metal and ceramic as some examples. The bottom of the art piece must have the ability to be welded onto the metal pedestal plate. Any moving components must gain jury approval, and no sharp edges or similar risks should be present.

Send your proposal to

[ currently accepting submissions ]



[ gallery of current or completed art projects ]


[ public art cannot happen without your support ]



[ a local movement to increase public art in albert Lea, mn ]

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Thanks for submitting!

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