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Art Sculpture Walk

Art Walk Albert Lea is excited to be accepting submissions for its first sculpture collection! Local artists will have the opportunity to have their pieces displayed on and around the various beautiful walking paths throughout our town to be enjoyed by the community. There are no specific visions for the sculptures, so we encourage you to get creative with your choice of weatherproof medium! Area artists of all skill levels are invited to submit draft ideas for their proposal. Artwork guidelines along with additional information on the project can be found here. We look forward to seeing your submissions!

How Do I Get Involved?


It truly takes a village to create & sustain a public arts program!

We can't think these folks enough for their contributions! 

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We currently have 11 sculpture locations around the Downtown & Fountain Lake walking path! Do you know where they are all located?

Can you find them all? 

Wind Watchers

Artist: Larry Petersen Sculpture Name: Wind Watchers Location: Grace Park, down from Lakeview School

Paddle — Always paddle, never just go with the flow

Artist: Bill Howe Sculpture Name: Paddle — Always paddle, never just go with the flow Location: Brookside Boat Landing


Artist: Charlie Graham Sculpture Name: Unfold Location: Edgewater Bay Park, South side of peninsula walking path Artist Contact Info:


Artist: Keith Dorn Sculpture Name: Snail Location: Monkey Island/Dress Island Contact Info:


Artist: Toby Holtz Sculpture Name: Crane Location: North Broadway Parking Lot Area, by N. Washington Ave + Fountain St.

Given the choice, I choose to be a dragon.

Artist: Chris Harveaux Sculpture Name: Given the choice, I choose to be a dragon. Location: Downtown, by the Albert Lea Art Center


Sculpture Name: Dragon Location: End of Newton Ave North by Fountain Lake

Art Sculpture Albert Lea

Artist: Charlie Graham Sculpture Name: Graceful Brokenness Location: Fountain Lake Park Artist Contact Info:

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