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downtown water tower

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Albert Lea is getting a new downtown water tower! Art Walk Albert Lea and the Main Street Program have been invited to lead a call for Artists to design the look of our newest skyline addition. We are looking for local artists/designers to complete this call-what better professional clout than to say, "Hey my work is on water tower", how many can say that? 

The water tower will be 30 feet taller than the current one as well as a new shape. The tower has a large onion like shape on the top of a slender column. You have likely seen these all over the midwest. 

[ the goal ] To create a reasonable design to reflect the community of Albert Lea. When you think of Albert Lea, what do you think of? Shopping, lake life, pontoon boat rides, fishing, wildlife, and other things make our community special. Your job is to reflect that special all around the center of the tower. This project is quite literally larger than life and will be a central image for years to come. 

[ the task ] Design an image to wrap around the water tower. This could be an image that is repeated on each half or a continuous image around the whole tower. Your submission must include the name of our community ALBERT LEA. You may use no more than 8 colors. 

[ timeline ] All submissions must be submitted by April 30th, 2021


[ design elements ] Please see the attached images to see the new water tower design as you are inspired to create. 

Albert Lea - new tank view renderings_pr
Albert Lea - new tank view renderings_pr
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