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Meet the Artists

Chris Harvaeux
Founder of
"Oaks Armoury"

Step into the remarkable world of Albert Lea Firefighter Chris Harveaux, a modern-day craftsman with a passion for the medieval era. Harveaux, enchanted by the allure of ancient armor but hindered by the hefty price tags of authentic pieces, embarked on a journey of creation.


Fueled by his love for the bygone era of knights and chivalry, he began forging his own armor. His workshop? A humble space filled with scrap metal and reclaimed leather from old boots, where each hammer strike echoed the sounds of ancient blacksmiths.

This self-taught armorer's journey started with a simple desire to bring a piece of history to life. He meticulously transformed discarded materials into majestic armaments. His initial creations, a testament to his skill and dedication, quickly captivated the hearts of enthusiasts in re-enactment groups. Photos of his handcrafted armor sparked an unexpected demand, leading to a flourishing business.


By 2001, Harveaux's reputation had soared. His masterpieces, ranging from intricate gauntlets to full suits for both adults and children, began to adorn warriors and history lovers across the United States, reaching as far as Germany and Japan. His artistry didn't stop with humans; he even crafted exquisite armor for horses and dogs, bringing a touch of medieval grandeur to the animal kingdom.

"Given the choice, I choose to be a dragon"

Among his renowned creations is a miniaturized masterpiece – a stunning suit of horse armor. Originally crafted for a competitive jouster, this exquisite piece is a blend of stainless steel, brass, and leather, assembled meticulously with rivets. Each curve and angle shaped by an array of hammers, chisels, and the trusty anvil, speaks volumes of Harveaux's skill and attention to detail.

This firefighter-turned-artisan, with hands as adept at saving lives as they are at shaping metal, invites you into his world of medieval marvels. To connect with him, reach out at and witness the fusion of ancient craftsmanship with modern spirit.

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